Distance Is Not For The Fearful…


…and welcome to my life… 🙂

If you read my bio then this will just be a more in depth repeat about me…

I am married to a military man (Andy) – one who spends his days at sea – whilst I spend my days, well, not at sea. He is AMAZING though and totally worth the days/weeks/months sleeping alone. I remember reading this quote once when we first started our dating journey, (when Andy incidentally had also just started his initial officer training in Dartmouth, Devon) and it pretty much summed up my/our feelings –

“Distance is not for the fearful, it’s for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough” ― Meghan Daum

So, just a little background … Andy and I met in 2009, got married in March 2012 and we had our first child in March 2016 – a baby boy whose name is Noah. We also have a springer spaniel named Bailey and currently live in a brand new little house we bought last year after living for 4 years in married quarters. I trained partly in Liverpool and partly in Winchester as a primary school teacher with a specialism in English and I am currently enjoying the joy of mat leave! We spend our days, exploring parks, farms, cafes (caffeine and cake are of GREAT importance) shops, baby classes, play dates and it is so much fun. Some of my favourites – I enjoy being creative (although I don’t have much time for the sewing machine these days), I love a good STRONG cup of tea, procrastinating on pinterest, taking photographs, writing, long walks, travelling and exploring new places, organising. Some things that are not and will never appear on my list of favourites – ironing, tomatoes, paperwork, drying clothes on a clothes horse (sorry but I just really dislike how messy it makes my house feel – I need a tumble dryer desperately!!) oh and Andy being away at sea…

**side note before reading on… I don’t ever moan about Andy being away at sea – such is life – but that does not mean that I have to like it, come on – who would?!**

If I’m honest, when Andy is away at sea life is always a little tainted because when great things happen all I do is wish he was there to share with me in the moment rather than hear about it through an email that evening – OR  – if my day is pants all I do is wish that he was there for a sympathetic squeeze rather than again, to hear about it through a rambling email. However…that IS our ‘life in a blue one’…and it’s fair to say that although we are apart quite a lot – we do love our little life!

I only wish for this site to be the honest truth, not sprinkled with glittery, sparkly lies. Its just my story. I hope that you may get a little something from it. So welcome and enjoy!

With love,

x A x




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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you enjoy exploring and reading your way through my life and it's sunshine and storms. I am a 'military' wife to a wonderful man who spends a lot of time at sea. I am a mummy to a cheeky little boy who is just about to turn 1. We have a bouncy springer spaniel who loves a good walk in the mud. I am a trained primary school teacher currently enjoying the delights of maternity leave. I love cups of strong tea, all things crafty, procrastinating of pinterest and taking photographs. Thank you for taking time to share in my journey through life and motherhood. I'll leave my bio with a little extract written by my all time favourite author. '...and above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.' Roald Dahl With love, x A x

2 thoughts on “Distance Is Not For The Fearful…

  1. Aw lovely little blog Anna! We have lots of the same likes and dislikes (ESPECIALLY the clothes horse!! I have a tumble drier but don’t always use it even though I hate how messy the clothes horse looks!) We should meet up for a walk some time when your back in Liverpool! X

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