A Family Trip to the Farm

Today we took a trip to Staunton Country Park and went for a walk around the farm. It’s a brilliant little farm and I love going with Noah – Andy had never been so we decided to take Noah today and we had so much fun. Noah loved interacting with the animals, we fed some goats and llamas and enjoyed wandering around and having a picnic lunch. Staunton is a great little place and has lots to do for all of the family, no matter what age your children are. They have a large adventure playground as well as a play barn with another playground and soft play too. They have a variety of animals including traditional farm animals and smaller ‘pet’ animals like rabbits that you can interact with – Donkey rides are a hit with bigger children but the 3 of us just stayed in the farm – I don’t think Noah is big enough to go on a donkey JUST yet.

I have to say it was lovely to spend the day as a trio again, I didn’t realise how much I missed our family trips out and I was amazed at how much Noah is now taking in. We bought some animal feed and the goats were super greedy so Noah didn’t miss his opportunity to stroke them! He love his animals and it was great to see his intrigue – fortunately he was much more gentle with the goats than he is with Bailey and didn’t pull at any ears! The farm knackered Noah out and so he is currently napping before his tea and then we will take Bailey out for his second walk of the day. No rest in the Davey house!!

I hope that you all have had a lovely weekend, whatever you have got up to! Enjoy the slideshow of images from our farmyard fun!

With love,

x A x

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