Daddy is Home!

HMS Diamond (Andy’s ship) returned from a 2 month deployment in the Med yesterday and Noah and I were super excited for his homecoming!! 

The planning for me had begun at the start of the week, when I started to think about how I could decorate the house to welcome him home. Andy has been away for much longer in the past, however this was his first lengthly deployment since we have had Noah and so I wanted to make an effort for his arrival home. I scanned pinterest for ideas and finally decided that I would ‘get crafty’ and make some bunting to hang up. I also thought I would get Noah involved and so I painted his hand to create a handprint on some of the bunting pieces (waving his daddy home). I added the date and deployment underneath the handprint too (now a little keepsake). In order to make the bunting I bought some bunting card packets from HobbyCraft, cans of gold, red, blue and white spray paint, letter stencils, poster paint (for Noah’s handprint) and I also made a sailboat stencil myself. I then bought some Royal Navy ensign bunting to put around the porch and some balloons too! I will attach the decoration pictures below so you can see the finished product – I was pretty chuffed with myself! Made good use of nap times this week 😉


Friday morning came and I hadn’t slept much on Thursday night – I think this was due to excitement! I got up at 05.30, had a shower and dried my hair before Noah woke at 06.30 (I was super proud of myself for this as I would normally never dream of showering before Noah wakes – sleep always takes priority!). We then had breakfast, walked Bailey, Noah napped for a total of 30 minutes (he must have been excited too!) and then headed to Southsea to meet our good friends – Nat, Steve and Noah’s little bestie – Hugs. We had a lovely coffee and some pastries in a new cafe that has just opened beneath the Round Tower (conveniently placed) called ‘The Canteen’ and then headed up top to watch the ship come past. As the Commanding Officer is soon leaving his post on HMS Diamond the ship had a 17 fire gun salute on arrival into Portsmouth and so that was great to watch! We then cheered them past as they all stood to attention on the side of the ship. It was brilliant to watch and the atmosphere made me quite emotional. He is home – YEY!


Meeting Andy at the gates in the Historic Dockyard was lovely – much to my disappointment he was no longer in uniform but that didn’t taint the wonderful feeling of being able to cuddle him again! Noah was SO HAPPY, I don’t think I can quite describe his face but it was a picture, he would not stop smiling and just continued to stare at his daddy – it was the cutest thing!! Andy was afraid he wouldn’t remember him but boy he did and he sure was one happy baby boy! Here is a picture that I sneaked in to try and capture the moment, just a little!


The rest of the day was pretty boring in terms of stories but we had a lovely time at home as a family of 3 again – we took Bailey to the park and Noah went of the swings and then bath and bed for Noah so mummy and daddy could enjoy a take away, snuggle up on the sofa and catch up on life (and a bit of TV). It was bliss! The best day ever! We had so much fun.

As I sign out I will leave you with a few photos that Andy took during his trip in the Med, despite missing us, they had a very successful deployment and Andy had a great time.

Enjoy and until next time,

x A x



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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you enjoy exploring and reading your way through my life and it's sunshine and storms. I am a 'military' wife to a wonderful man who spends a lot of time at sea. I am a mummy to a cheeky little boy who is just about to turn 1. We have a bouncy springer spaniel who loves a good walk in the mud. I am a trained primary school teacher currently enjoying the delights of maternity leave. I love cups of strong tea, all things crafty, procrastinating of pinterest and taking photographs. Thank you for taking time to share in my journey through life and motherhood. I'll leave my bio with a little extract written by my all time favourite author. '...and above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.' Roald Dahl With love, x A x

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