Weekend in Wales

This weekend we packed up our bags and went to Wales for a lovely family holiday. We had a great time. Andy’s dad – Allastair – retired at the start of the summer and so to mark (and celebrate) the next step in his life the whole family decided to go away. Pauline (Andy’s mum) organised the whole weekend and found us the most perfect house (Pilgrims)  to stay, right above the beach in Saundersfoot. It was amazing. We were blown away when we walked through the doors, there was room after room of space and everything was finished to the highest standard – would certainly visit again! As for the area, well, it was phenomenal!! The beaches were breathtaking and the views never failed to disappoint. It was quite a long and packed weekend so I will break it up into days to make it lighter reading….

…enjoy 🙂


Car packed…we were on our way…with Noah and Bailey in tow! We stopped in Bristol at Andy’s Auntie and Uncle’s, (who had kindly agreed to look after Bailey for the weekend) had a quick coffee and then continued onto Bridgend for some lunch. I wanted to stop in Bridgend as it was where I was born…you know…for nostalgic reasons – in fact we stopped just outside Bridgend in Ogmore and had lunch in a pub just a stones throw away from the stepping stones and Ogmore Castle – it was beautiful. Following this we continued for another hour or so into Wales before we arrived at the house to surprise Allastair (who had no idea we were all joining him). That evening we just settled in, the rest of the family arrived – Anna, Freya and Jasmine followed by Mark and Ellie and then we chilled out before heading to bed for an early night. A great first day – I certainly enjoyed being back in Wales and going back to some places that I visited as a young baby/toddler in Bridgend. Here are some photos from Thursday…



Another early start (holiday or not, Noah still wakes at 6am, well in fact he decided it would be 5.30am on this particular morning) we all had breaky and packed up to go to Manor Wildlife Park . This is hands down one of the best wildlife parks/zoos I have been to for proximity to the animals – I have never been so close, it was amazing! We even got to walk in with the Wallabies and feed them – just brilliant! I will attach pictures rather than go into great detail explaining the ins and outs of our trip but we had a really lovely time! Once we had exhausted the zoo we drove down to Saundersfoot bay and had a quick stroll on the beach before heading back to have dinner, put the girls and Noah to bed and welcome Tom (who had to arrive a day later due to work commitments). Friday was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the zoo and feeding the wallabies – great memory for when Noah grows up! Here are some pics…


Saturday morning was quite chilled and lovely…there was no rush to get out of the house and we just enjoyed being in each other’s company. I took Freya into the woodland opposite the house to collect some leaves and we came back and made a hedgehog…before we knew it, lunchtime was approaching! Today, we decided to visit Tenby for a coffee and some fish and chips (the wind meant we couldn’t have our chippy on the beach) and so we all squeezed into a chip shop that was belting out irish folk dance music and enjoyed (or rushed) some fish and chips. I say rushed because the ticket was running out rapidly on our parking added to that we had two babies who were eager for a nap…and making themselves known! It did get a little chaotic (and I am sure the chippy owners didn’t know what had hit them…) but thankfully we didn’t get a parking ticket and both Noah and Jasmine settled down for a sleep. Once back at the house, we chilled for about an hour before going for a woodland and beach walk all together. Beautiful landscapes but I had underestimated the weight of Noah and the size of the hill climbs!! I think I was panting by the time I got to the peak before heading down to the beach – I was glad to know I wasn’t alone though when Tom told me he was also out of breath carrying Freya too! We got some lovely shots on the beach though (I will attach them to the bottom of this post). Once dinner was over that evening and in good bonfire night fashion we lit some sparklers with Freya and then once all of the children were tucked up in bed we cracked open the prosecco (and wine/beer), played a card game invented by Mark and then retired to the lounge to play a game of Articulate – boy I have not laughed so much in a long time. It was so funny just watching everyone’s attempts at describing words to their other halves. I have to say…it was a great game! Great to be with all of the Davey side of the family too! Not often we all get together for a weekend so we all very much enjoyed one another’s company and it was the best way to spend our final evening in Wales.


We had a lovely “Lazy Sunday” routine and enjoyed chilling around the house. Andy and I packed up the car and Noah went down for a long nap…Freya watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Disney Life and the rest of the family just enjoyed each other’s company – in fact we all did. The plan was to go for a carvery at a local pub in Saundersfoot and then Andy and I were heading off from there. After a small attempt to take some pictures of the 3 children together (and smiling) and then a picture with their grandparents we locked up the house and went into town. Safe to say – lunch was amazing – love a good roast, and it was good. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t have any mint sauce though because I like to have that with EVERY roast, despite the type of meat on offer…try it…it’s AMAZING…I’ve converted Andy to it now after he used to mock me for it and he would agree with me that a roast isn’t the same without the mint sauce! After lunch, Andy and I said our goodbyes and got on the road. The first half of the journey was fine, no traffic and a clear run to Bristol. Noah enjoyed his dinner at Auntie Lesley and Uncle Morris’ and Andy’s cousin – Christine – and her husband and daughter popped in to say hello too which was lovely. The second half of the journey wasn’t quite as fun…traffic added to a unsettled and rather loud crying baby could be described as torture BUT we got home in the end and Noah went down to bed like a dream!! Andy and I unpacked and then settled down for a night on the sofa catching up on TV we had missed (BBC One’s ‘The Missing’ is our current fave). Then that was it – weekend over – and what a fantastic weekend it was!


Ellie made an amazing video of the weekend so I have attached it to this post below. I hope you can see it and I hope the quality isn’t ruined either by the upload because it truly is an awesome video and reflection on the fun we had.

Until next time…take care…thanks for reading!

With love,

x A x



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