It just got real…

If you have read my previous post you will know by now that we are moving soon. It all seems to be happening very quickly and the moment and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it!! So I thought I would write a blog post to try and put to paper the many thoughts that are currently whizzing around my mind – plus update you on what’s actually happening.

Before Christmas…

We were told that Andy’s new job (Naval term is “draft”) would start around June or July but most likely to be June. Therefore, in our heads we had a whole 6 months of; sorting out bits, finding somewhere to live, putting our house up for rent and just generally mentally preparing ourselves for a move with a toddler. 6 months seemed like a reasonable time frame and it also gave us chance to spend as much time with our lovely friends here before we move an hour and a half away to Somerset….and never see them again (😂) (that ofcourse is NOT true – we hope!!).  So yes, 6 months – that’s cool! HA – ofcourse that’s not going to happen…my husband is in the military after all; where it seems to be an unwritten rule that every plan you ever make, (whether it just be a plan you have kept in a secret space in your mind) IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN or will change in some way, shape or form so it becomes a whole new plan. So yes, plans changed.

After Christmas leave/holiday to France…

Andy went back to work after our lovely break to find out that instead of leaving the ship (as planned) in May, he was in fact leaving in 4 weeks and would start his new posting at the end of FEBRUARY!! So that’s next month, or as of next week….that’s THIS month! Yikes. Just a little bit of a shock. I can’t say I’m surprised and to be honest he would have been at sea majority of the time from mid Feb to May anyway, so it’s a blessing in disguise. However, it does mean that we need to get ours bums in shape and start the ball rolling with the move. Something I thought I had atleast another month of procrastinating over before actually having to physically DO anything. So, as soon as his assignment order came through (a bit of paper/email that officially tells you your next “assignment” (job))…Andy put the application in for a our SFA (Service Families Accomodation) as we will be moving back into MQ (Married Quarters) for the duration of our time in Somerset. To my surprise however, applying for our new home has been so much easier than I remember it was last time!! I can’t believe it really – Andy only applied yesterday and the same day they gave us a choice of 5 homes to narrow down to 3 and put into order of preference and then later on that evening we were assigned a home (our top choice, yey!!). However, I do say we were given a “choice” of 5 homes – we were actually given 1  picture of the outside of the house and an address. No details about the area, no floor plan and no pictures of the inside. Now baring in mind we don’t know the area, it’s pretty difficult to narrow it down. Fortunately we have the invention of the internet now and so both Andy and I (him from sea and me from home) were on google street view trying to suss out the area and look at potential homes. I had also managed to find one of these “secret” community groups on Facebook and posted a message on there to try and get some information. Fortunately a lovely lovely military wife who had lived on the patch (a group of married quarters) gave me so much information about the houses and helped us to pick. I am so grateful for the military community sometimes – we do all come together and it’s really lovely to know that you can rely on a complete stranger to help you out. I am eternally grateful.

So yes, that’s it. That is where we are now. We have been assigned a house and we are moving in April. I can’t quite come to grips with turning our lives upside down with boxes and moving 90 miles in 4 weeks…so we are waiting until Easter and for the moment Andy will be a commuter. I am actually really excited about the prospect of a new place, a new adventure but certain (worldly) things are niggling at me…like…I won’t have a dishwasher (as ours is in built) and I will lose my ensuite (very useful for postpartum middle of the night wee runs) and we will have to buy a new fridge (because again our current one is in built to our kitchen). I am sure I’ll get over all of this but for the moment…it hurts a little!

I shall stop my babbling now. I hope you enjoyed reading my ramblings about our next chapter. Be sure to let me know! Until next time…

With love,

x A x


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Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I hope you enjoy exploring and reading your way through my life and it's sunshine and storms. I am a 'military' wife to a wonderful man who spends a lot of time at sea. I am a mummy to a cheeky little boy who is just about to turn 1. We have a bouncy springer spaniel who loves a good walk in the mud. I am a trained primary school teacher currently enjoying the delights of maternity leave. I love cups of strong tea, all things crafty, procrastinating of pinterest and taking photographs. Thank you for taking time to share in my journey through life and motherhood. I'll leave my bio with a little extract written by my all time favourite author. '...and above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places.' Roald Dahl With love, x A x

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